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S/S RAV4 Softener/Conditioner

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This system is designed to soften and filter your water as well remove unwanted smells, tastes.

"Think Outside The Sink"
Your family and home are two of the most important things in your life and you want what is best for both.
Having hard water in your home has adverse effects in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom as well as with your plumbing and appliances.
Effectively remove hard water and see the benefits in all areas througout your home with an Aquias Water RAV4 water conditioner system.
Provide your family and home with the high quality water you deserve.

This system features . . .

A beautiful stainless steel exterior with a fiberglass core.

A state of the art computerized ceramic control valve that is designed to keep up with heavy demands of water usage  

It is custom built to handle the hardest of water as well as eliminating a large array of minerals and heavy metals out of your water like: lead, iron, zinc, copper, and many more.

This unit is also designed to remove chemicals out of your water, which are largely used in your city water for disinfection (chlorine and cloramine), but it could have damaging effects to your health, plumbing, rubber gaskets, among other things.

This unit is designed to use a minimum amount of salt and water for cleaning cycles, which it achieves this by utilizing advanced water purification technology and with ceramic internal contructed units it makes it resistant to the harsh conditions in Florida water and the environment.

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