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Mechanical Valve F/G or S/S Jacketed System

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Our Mechanical Fiberglass and/or Stainless Steel jacketed unit is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use water conditioners.

The Meter-Demand Valve is one of the most popular systems used throughout the world today, with proven technology that extends over 50 years.

This unit will soften your water and remove chlorine out of the water.

The  Meter-Demand system can cut salt and water use by as much as 40%.

Unlike timer-based systems, the meter-demand system regenerates only when necessary.

The end result is significant to saving both water and salt.

The Mechanical Meter Valve:

Regeneration Type: Meter Initiated (0-2,100 gal)
Timer Type: Electro-Mechanical

Cycle Type: 5-Cycle (Non-Adjustable)

Electrical Requirements: 120v/60hz

Service Flow Rate: 11.60 gpm @ 15 psi Drop

Backwash Rate: 2.00 gpm

Specs: 10 x 54" mineral tank, 1.0 cu. ft. high capacity resin,
18 x 33" brine tank, 2310 brine float, 3/4" stainless steel bypass valve,  Metered on demand
Valve, floor space: 28 x 18 x 62"
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